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folk art also folk-art    n.
Art originating among the common people of a nation or region and usually
reflecting their traditional culture, especially everyday or festive items produced
or decorated by unschooled artists. 


Zelda Grant

"I was born to create. From a young child, I remember how things with lots of texture felt as I continually stroked my little hands across them."

A memorial to our sister Zelda Grant, who was a self-taught fabric artist with an eye for manipulating colors, textures and designs. She had the ability to craft whatever her mind conceived.

Fabric Crafts, by Ms. Zelda Grant
Book by Zelda Grant
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Silas Dekind, Jr.

Silas DeKind Jr. is a folk artist whose work is on display in Pawleys Island as well as the College of Preachers, a member of the Washington National Cathedral Foundation in Washington, D.C. A resident of the Plantersville community of Georgetown County, he was inspired by another artist who paints baptisms and by images of immersions he'd witnessed while visiting Mississippi during his days in the Army. 
"Wash Day" by Silas Dekind, Jr.
"Wash Day" - Silas Dekind
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Missionary Mary L. Proctor

Folk artist, Mary L. Proctor of Tallahassee, Florida began her art work process in 1995, as a healing experience after her loss of several family members in a fire. Since then, she has gone on to create hundreds of pieces. Shown here, materials include found objects, ordinary, day-to-day items such as detergent box cuts out, as in Bounce Back Girl, or old 33 LP vinyl records wall display.
Every Morning, by Missionary Mary L. Proctor      Bounce in Blue, by Missionary Mary L. Proctor
Works by Missionary Mary L. Proctor
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  • Ramona La Roche Photographer, Artist, Author, Educator, Healing Arts Therapist
  • Vermelle "Bunny" Rodrigues Quilter, Dollmaker & Tings
  • Zenobia Washington Dollmaker
  • Silas DeKind, Jr. - Mixed Media 3D Artist


  • Creative Arts & Healin' Music Circles
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  • DreamKeepers Art Center - Georgetown SC
  • Chuma Gallery - Charleston SC

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