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Students who have been identified as at-risk and do not qualify for special services are generally considered to be those who are disadvantaged and are from single parent families, low socioeconomic backgrounds, or various minority groups. Significant numbers of these at-risk students are highly intelligent and capable of becoming productive, influential young adults.

These underachieving students are divergent learners who are not reaching their potential in the present educational system because of specific personality traits and learning styles, which are not being adequately addressed in the classroom.


  • Hoeing Rice FieldsLearn the significant roles that African Americans played in the history of the development of the United States.
  • View existing areas and artifacts which represent the end of slavery on former plantations.
  • Walk through the ancient traces of homes, buildings and land formerly owned by wealthy slave owners and toiled by enslaved Africans and indigenous individuals.
  • Capture the feelings of the lands and its surroundings today what were renewed with gardens, artistry, and sculptures.
  • Infuse ya spirit wid Gullah heritage tings as created still dis day by fine crafts folk. Dem brick masons, quilters, boatsmen, carpenters, netmakers, basket sewers, doll makers, and udda tings by all of we.

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  • All a we hab cajun fuh meet um.
    We are glad to meet you.
  • Wuh fuhr do?
    How are you?
  • Oonah helf cud-dah betta do-um. 
    Your health could be better.
  • Wuh cum fuh see?
    What are you looking for?
  • Weh e be gwine?
    Where were you?
  • Ub bin saach fuhr de los chillun cum fuh back home !
    I've been looking for the lost children to come back home !
  • Wuh ya gwi do? 
    What are you going to do?
  • Co'se uh gwine home fuhr trute.
    Of course, I'm going home for sure.



"I have a far greater appreciation for Gullah heritage now. Her speech was more about culture, not just the objects she brought with her." 
- Joshua Allison, 12th grade student
Low Country Day School

"We are fortunate to have someone with this person's background share her knowledge with us." 
- Dr. A. Emerson Johnson III
Headmaster Low Country Day School
Pawleys Island, SC 

"It was very enlightening to discover knowledge of my heritage that I did not know. Ramona is definitely a vested part of her community. Her presentation is very authentic and soul felt." 
- Anthony Cochran, Chaperone
Program Manager
Federal Aviation Administration
Atlanta, GA

Slave Woman working rice "It was a very educational experience that most young people and adults (particularly African Americans) need to take advantage of. People from different regions of the United States do not have an appreciation of culture in the same way as those who experienced certain historical events. As I toured, I had flashbacks of Cicley Tyson's Underground Railroad film; the spirit of our forefathers and what they went through. I think the tour guide was great, and the non traditional tour sites were great. I certainly felt the pulse of community and our people; and that the Georgetown area was more grass roots and less commercial."
- Rev. Thomas Walters, State Director
GA District, Knights of Pythagoras
(youth component of Masons)

"We thought the tour was great. We learned so much history."
- Mr. & Mrs. Holmes, Southfield, MI



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America is woven of many strands....our fate is to become one, and yet many. Ralph Ellison 1952